Your Current Content:
About as Interesting as the Dictionary?

Sure, a dictionary is a book, but it doesn’t tell a story. Neither do long paragraphs or a package insert dumped onto slides. Your story deserves better. Let us tell it—and show it. 

  • Compelling narratives with scientific support
  • Captivating, audience-grabbing story lines
  • Multiple delivery methods to educate and engage

Learn how we approach medical storytelling.

Your Current KOLs:
Transactional or Transformational?

These are trusted advisors and influential experts in their field, not just rows on a spreadsheet. Avant Healthcare has a proven process to help you identify and interact with the right KOLs in the right ways. 

  • Matching KOL strengths/interests to your needs
  • Identification, planning, engagement, evaluation
  • Metrics that validate your plans and your KOLs

Learn how we approach KOL partnerships.

Fill Heads—Not Just Seats

Long gone are the days where the sole metric for success was attendance. Avant Healthcare creates a memorable experience for your customers before, during, and after an event, reinforcing your story while assessing shifts in knowledge, attitudes, and behavior. 

  • Integrated strategy that considers all touchpoints
  • Delivering a consistent story via visual themes
  • Maximizing learning, measuring impact

Learn how we design integrated customer experiences.

Medical Storytelling

KOL Strategy and Management

Integrated Customer Experiences

 We are celebrating 20 years of service in 2014!
 Incorporate visuals into your content. Check out some tips on our blog.
 Avant Healthcare is looking for talented team members!  Check out our Careers Page.
 Trina Stonner, Senior VP, is speaking about at this upcoming industry conference on advisory boards.
 Avant Healthcare has received praise for our approach to speaker trainings via Web conferences.
 Planning an advisory board? How will you interact with your advisors? View our blog for ideas.
 A last minute request... but plan and conduct an association product theater in 2 days? We did it.   
 Two Avant Healthcare team members attended the TEDx conference in Indianapolis. 
 Avant completed a video project featuring an actor portraying a patient living with ADHD.
 Check out our staff perspectives on our Avant Healthcare blog.
 In 2012 and 2013, Avant Healthcare was one of the Top 100 Agencies by Medical Marketing and Media.
 Our Digital Design team created an internal microsite for a client to showcase corporate initiatives.
 Need compliant, secure, content management with real-time reporting? Learn more.
 48-Hour Innovation Festival: Our staff volunteered their time to create transformative customer solutions. 
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Making the NonPersonal Personal
How do you get your content into the hands of a diverse audience? Click on the video to learn more about our approach to nonpersonal promotion.


Learn how Avant Healthcare was approached with a challenge: How to "Wow" the field sales force by developing new programming that is easy, effective, and cost-efficient.  Take a look at this case study infographic to see the results.

Learn how Avant supported a pharmaceutical company that needed to identify and engage top physicians within a new therapeutic space.

Learn how Avant worked with both marketing and medical teams to strategically prepare for a successful launch for a novel molecule.


Eclipsing the Sunshine Act: Refining Thought Leader Relationships in a Brave New Light

Thought leader engagement has the potential to be impacted by provisions within the Physician Payment Sunshine Act (PPSA). This white paper explores ways that brand teams can build strong thought leader relationships while remaining compliant with these new regulations.

Practitioner, Provider, Prescriber … New Markets: The Expanding Scope of NPs and PAs

The scope and role of midlevel practitioners (NPs/PAs) are expanding rapidly. Read the second installment in our two-part white paper on interacting with this influential group of team extenders.


Women's Business Enterprise National Council Avant Healthcare is certified as a women's business enterprise by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).